Spectacular odds for a White Sox victory

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Since winning the World Series more than a decade ago, Chicago White Sox rarely made the playoffs and they were rather disappointing. This season, they are not among the favorites to play baseball in October, but even so they are a force to be reckoned with in the Central division. At the time of writing, they are trailing Detroit and Minnesota but they actually have more victories and both of these teams.White Sox

The reason for why they sit in the third place while the Tigers and the Twins are above them, is that they played 26 games already and lost half of them. One of the things that punters should keep in mind is that most of those defeats came on the road, while the White Sox were dominant in front of their fans. They won 8/13 games at home and outshot opponents, with Jose Abreu being dominant and scoring the vast majority of home runs.

If he can keep up his runs production, he will be a strong candidate for the league MVP, but for the time being he needs to focus on helping his team. Obviously, Chicago can’t defeat Tampa Bay without solid pitching and Andre Rienzo is not exactly the most experienced starting pitcher in their rotation. The rookie is trying to convince the White Sox that he should be kept on the pitch after the veteran he replaces returns from injury and he is on the right track.

Andre won his first decision this season despite the fact that he allowed almost 5 runs on average and depends a lot on the support provided by the sluggers. His best friend tonight will be Jose Abreu, whose number against the Rays are encouraging. The visiting team will also rely on an inexperienced starting pitcher, as Odorizzi doesn’t have enough games played in major league baseball to be considered an asset.

He is yet to win a decision this season and lost both so far, which is hardly surprising given the fact that he allowed an average of six rounds per match. This is not going to be a pitchers’ duel by any stretch of imagination, instead it will be the offensive that will influence the result. The visiting team struggles at the bottom of the East division with just four victories on the road, which makes it strange that bookmakers are crediting them with the first chance.

Basically, we have two starting pitchers that are inexperienced, but the one playing for the hosts won his decision while the visitors rely on one seeking his first win in 2014. Rienzo doesn’t have the best earned run average, but he is still above his counterpart, while the White Sox have a winning record at home as compared to the 4-7 numbers posted by the Rays on the road. The odds for a home win stand at 2.15 with most bookmakers, which makes this that a no-brainer for bold and risk-averse punters alike.

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