San Diego has sights locked on top players

  • SumoMe

San Diego Padres are hardly a contender for the World Series, but over the last couple of years they tried to make amends. The obvious choice was to consolidate the starting formation with pitchers and relievers that were capable of keeping the team afloat when run production was at its lowest. They obviously failed because the team didn’t even make the playoffs, yet in 2015 they have good reasons to be

There are couple of players that could shake hands with the current management and Luis Sardinas who is currently playing for the Milwaukee Brewers is an option. He joined the team after playing for the Rangers and he could finally end up playing with the San Diego Padres which would mean a great deal for this reeling team. Only time will tell whether Milwaukee will agree to flip him soon after signing this player, but anything can happen as long as the West Coast team is motivated enough.

San Diego is not exactly the region’s club in baseball, which explains why so few players are willing to play here in the absence of convincing results. Clint BArmes and Alexi Amarista are two shining examples and the 25-year-old players could spend at least a couple of seasons with the Padres. Since making their MLB debut, these two players have greatly improved their game and it is unlikely for the team to trade him in the foreseeable future.

In fact, they are willing to invest a lot of money in quality pictures and Cole Hamels from the Philadelphia Phillies is on the list of potential acquisitions. It goes without saying that they will have to pay a hefty paycheck to acquire him, after he went 9-9 last season and posted a record run average of 2.46, with a massive 198 strikeouts while playing in excess of 200 innings.

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