Ron Gardenhire fired by Minnesota

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To say that Minnesota is not exactly the best team in Major League Baseball be the understatement of the day, because the Twins have been struggling heavily over the last couple of seasons. Many found it downright surprising that manager Ron Gardenhire was not sacked earlier, because he managed to finish four consecutive seasons with more than 90 defeats. The numbers are staggering and nobody was really shocked by this decision made by Gen. manager Terry Ryan.

baseballdailyThe numbers are all that matter and Ron has no reason to be upset, because regardless of what drove Minnesota to the ground, a change is necessary. On the bright side, he was among the most enduring managers of all those hiring MLB teams, behind Los Angeles Angels’ manager. The Twins didn’t change too many managers over the last three decades, having just two of them and apparently it took a while for the top management to make this decision.

The problem is that the team has lost so many games, that it is virtually impossible to exclude the possibility of faulty management. The fact that they were never really in contention for the playoffs is one thing, but finishing last year after year was downright frustrating. Minnesota was simply abysmal in August, winning a fraction of the games and being outplayed by all opponents even the weaker teams.

When asked how he felt about getting sacked, Gardenhire said that he was not surprised and he accepted the fact that disappointing results brought him into this situation. The players themselves have good reasons to be sad about the manager leaving but also aware of the fact that they are mostly to blame for these terrible results. If the new manager doesn’t steer the ship around, it will be only a matter of time until players will start feeling the consequences.

Some of the players were more upset than others, but Ryan was the one who suffered the most because he had a special relation with Gardenhire. He was given a chance to remain within the organization, but the former manager declined politely, even though he said that he was honored by the invitation. Some players were probably happy to see him go because they clashed over the years, but overall the Twins and the fans are not going to get over this too easily.

Gardenhire joined Minnesota almost 30 years ago and he achieved some great things in the early 2000s, but since then things took a turn for the worse and they never truly improved. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see how the team will fare in the upcoming season, because for the time being, there is very little that players can do, but watch the playoffs on TV.

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