Philadelphia is unwilling to hold on to Jonathan Papelbon

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baseballThe Phillies were disappointing last season and despite having plenty of quality players in their rotation, they failed to make the playoffs. The season start was borderline catastrophic and nothing seemed to work, including pitching. For a team that spends millions on some of the best players in MLB, Philadelphia is a mess and it looks like the management is finally willing to make radical changes.

To start with, they are no longer willing to hold on to prominent players who don’t meet expectations and one of those about to be transferred out is Jonathan Papelbon. For more details on this allegedly $46 million contract, head on to

Unlike other starting pitchers and relievers playing for Philadelphia, Jonathan has been a bright star in their rotation and this explains why many teams are interested in acquiring him. $46 million is hardly a small amount for a reliever, but with both teams trying to close those games that they lead by a narrow margin, it should come as no surprise if someone would actually pay this amount for Papelbon.

While Philadelphia is downsizing and accepts the fact that the current pace of investment is no longer sustainable, other teams are following suit. Boston Red Sox won the World Series with East and many would expect them to strengthen their rotation and spend a lot of money on new players. Surprising enough, they hold the headlines for a very different reason, as they chose not to tender Andrew Bailey and allow him to go through free agency.

He suffered a reconstructive surgery on his right thumb in 2012 and that’s why he only played for 19 games, and the next year he spent most of the time on the bench due to a shoulder surgery. He is no longer a young and promising player and since he won the American League rookie of the year award back in 2009, he entered a downwards trajectory.

Injuries kept him off the pitch far too long for a potent team such as Boston to put up with it and not surprising they chose to let him go. Bailey shouldn’t have problems in finding a new team, all that he needs is one club willing to give him a chance and take a leap of faith with his health issues.

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