Peavy avoids free agency

  • SumoMe

Chicago White Sox and LA Angels have a lot in common, although both clubs would probably love to put these similarities behind them as soon as possible. The White Sox and the Angels led the wildcard race and even topped their divisions for most of the regular season, but eventually failed to qualify for the playoffs. All their investments and all the effort went down the drain in September, but what followed is quite different at least on the financial side. While the Angels chose to let Ervin Santan go, informs us that the White Sox decided to keep Jake Peavy for another year.

This was definitely not an easy decision to make, given the fact that the starting pitcher is fairly high maintenance and he’s yet to show his true colors. Jake worked wonders for San Diego a couple of years ago, but following his string of injuries was unable to keep his great ERA at reasonable levels. The acquisition price was fairly steep, and this explains why the White Sox were reluctant to let him go without giving him a second chance. It is obvious that Peavy has what it takes to bring Chicago to a new postseason adventure, and having him in their roster only increases their chances.

Despite the fact that he played only 17 games since 2009, Jake had his contract extended for at least two seasons for $29 million. Things get even better for the veteran because if he succeeds in pitching a certain number of innings in the next two years, his payout will greatly increase. Peavy also received a Golden glove from Major League Baseball for 2012, an award that he will share with Jeremy Hellickson.

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