NY Yankees have their eyes fixed on Grant Balfour

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NY Yankees have their eyes fixed on Grant BalfourLast season, the New York Yankees failed to achieve their goals, and the fact that they made the playoffs is only a pale consolation for fans and management alike. The richest club in baseball obviously needs a change and in 2014, the New Yorkers were supposed to spend much less than they did one year ago. Their plans changed on the way and with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran joining the East Coast giants, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in the process.

The former will enjoy a seven years contract worth $150 million, while the latter will receive 15 million per season, for three consecutive years. Add to this the irresistible offer made to Shin-Soo Choo who is expected to cash in $140 million, and the amount offered for Masahiro Tanaka and it is fairly obvious that the Yankees are going to spend a lot of money before the spring training begins.

A couple of veterans will return to their rotation, but the team lost a few key players, such as Robinson Cano who will play for Seattle, while Alex Rodriguez is very likely to be suspended throughout the season. This means that they will save some money, but for all the wrong reasons and the new prospects are every bit as expensive. Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts will be playing for the Yankees, but they spend a lot of time on the bench with an injury, so shouldn’t be factored in.

Now, the Yankees have their sights locked on another player, Grant Balfour who is very likely to be transferred to the American League. The Eastern division teams have the best chance of signing him, with Baltimore and the New York Yankees being the main candidates. The latter needs to replace Mariano Rivera and given the fact that they spent a lot of money already on speculative players, it would come as no surprise if they will eventually choose to sign Balfour as well.

There are of course some arguments against this transfer which promises to be expensive, as the Yankees desperately try to stay below the $189 million luxury tax limit. There are a couple of questions looming above this potential transfer, and the name of Masahiro Tanaka frequently pops up in any discussions regarding Balfour’s transfer, for implicit reasons. Last but not least, the pitcher needs to be healthy to play for a full season, and so far the doctors didn’t give the green light.

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