Legendary uniform sold for $756,000

  • SumoMe

It makes no difference that the game in which Don Larsen pitched took place more than half a century ago, because the fans are just as excited about his performance as ever. The best proof that they haven’t forgotten the only player who pitched a perfect game in the World Series, comes from a recent auction where his uniform sold for $756,000. There is no shortage of interested buyers and when they’ve got the opportunity of purchasing the uniform he was wearing that day, they didn’t hesitate.

Larsen played for the New York Yankees when he achieved perfection in the fifth game of the World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. So far nobody succeeded in matching his performance and since 1956 very few pitchers came even close. Among the bidders for this remarkable trophy, there were plenty of personalities that are well-connected with the baseball industry, but the winner was Pete Siegel. He is the CEO of GottaHaveIt.com and an avid fan of Yankees memorabilia so it makes perfect sense for him to walk the whole 9 yards and bid whatever it took to get the uniform.

Larsen decided to sell his uniform to raise the sufficient money necessary for paying his grandchildren’s education and he didn’t expect to have problems in selling it. While some people might regard an amount of $756,000 to be incredibly high for an outfit, others think that Pete Siegel paid only a fraction of what the uniform was worth. Many thought that the item will sell for an amount exceeding $1 million and some publications such as Steiner Sports predicted that the final bid will revolve around $2 million.

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