LA Dodgers to hold bobblehead days in 2014

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LA Dodgers to hold bobblehead days in 2014Most baseball clubs don’t have serious financial troubles, but everyone is trying to boost revenue and the Dodgers make no exception. The team from Los Angeles has decided to hold a string of bubblehead days in the next year, including one dedicated to Babe Ruth. It is scheduled for September 9 when the match against the Padres will take place, which is a bit puzzling for Dodgers fans.

At a first glance it makes no sense for LA Dodgers to give away memorabilia celebrating players that competed for some of their rivals, but in the great scheme of things, the upside is obvious. Baseball fans are not going to pass on the opportunity of collecting some amazing artifacts, just because they were previously worn by famous outfielders, pitchers and sluggers that played for another team.

If you’re looking for a connection between Babe Ruth and the Dodgers franchise, know that in 1938 he was the first base coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Furthermore, the giveaway will include items belonging to other famous Dodgers players, such as Clayton Kershaw, Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella or Yasiel Puig. Only time will tell whether their fans will value more bobbleheads of former or existing players, the only certainty is that the campaign has great chances of being very successful.

The reasoning behind this project is straightforward, as the LA Dodgers are trying to make some money and past performance proves beyond reasonable doubt that selling such items worked brilliantly. It is only natural to assume that the Dodgers example would be followed by other major league baseball teams, as everyone hopes to tap into the immense potential of such campaigns. There is no shortage of stuff that can be sold to fans willing to pay a hefty amount, so those who jump on the bandwagon can’t go wrong.

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