Jackie Robinson Day celebrated by Dodgers

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Jack Roosevelt Robinson passed away 41 years ago, but the Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated every year by Major League Baseball teams. On these fateful days, every player in all the teams wear a shirt with number 42 as a token of appreciation for one of the most important players in MLB history. Except for these days, the number 42 is not going to be featured on the back of any player, as the league has retired this number back in 1997.


Every year when Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated, the Dodgers play a significant part, as this is the team for which Jackie broke the baseball color line. Before that, black athletes competed in the Negro league and it was Jackie who changed all that in 1947 making him the first black player to start for a Major League Baseball team. From that point onward, more black athletes were allowed to play in MLB ending decades of discrimination and greatly enhancing the quality of the sport.

Jackie Robinson was widely regarded as a tremendous talent and an extraordinary character, which explains why the league honored him by retiring his number. The first ever Jackie Robinson Day was held on April 15, 2004 and the event proved to be a huge success and it draw huge crowds at stadiums year after year. This season there was a dire need for a special moment that would end the violence on the pitch, particularly between Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

In the first game of the series the two teams were at each other’s throats and some players were even engaging in plain violence. Some were suspended, some left the pitch injured and it looked like things will turn from bad to worse with more players to be ejected from the game. Fortunately both teams understood the significance of the moment and put aside their petty rivalries to celebrate Jackie Robinson as he deserved. His surviving family was on the pitch, and players were wise enough not to ruin the show by turning a beautiful sport into a brutal fight.

Jackie Robinson, remains one of the most iconic figures in baseball history, with his achievements both on and off the field being remarkable. He was not only the first black player to compete in major league baseball, but also the first vice president of an American Corporation. Back then, there were no other black television analyst in MLB and once again Robinson was the first to break the color line.

He remains one of the few professional athletes to be awarded the Congressional Gold medal and the Presidential Medal of freedom. His contribution to the sport is widely regarded as most significant, and his place in baseball’s Hall of Fame is well deserved. Alongside Stan Musial about who readers can learn more by visiting http://www.baseballdaily.com/stan-musial-dies-at-92-years-old Jackie Robinson, is an iconic baseball player was legacy into it and was figure serves as an example for young players.

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