Greg Maddux inducted in the Hall of Fame

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Greg MadduxThere is no greater honor for a baseball player than to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and this year, it was time for Greg Maddux to shine. Widely regarded as one of the best pitchers in the history of the game, this emblematic player competed way past 40 years. He was the kind of pitcher that his team felt comfortable having on the mound and he also led by personal example.

There are a couple of factors that improve the pitcher’s chances of joining the Hall of Fame including earned run average and the number of wins. Compared to other starting pitchers, his fastballs were not that impressive and he didn’t have the athletic body of many of his counterparts. What makes them stand out from the crowd was the fact that he was always willing to go a step further and he knew how to make the most of his abilities.

While playing for the Dodgers in the final part of his career, he frequently scored from impossible positions and was one of the most intelligent players to ever grace the baseball diamond. The Dodgers gave him credit even when it looked like age is finally catching up with him and in return, the starting pitcher never let them down. Maddux has few critics and most of them would agree that he had the uncanny ability of extracting the most from his skills and was extraordinarily perseverant.

Numbers don’t lie and the fact that he won four Cy Young awards in four years in a row is perhaps his greatest achievement. Add to this the fact that Greg Maddux won 18 Gold gloves and outplayed some of the best players in games of critical importance and it is easy to explain why he went to the Hall of Fame almost unanimously. Last but definitely not least, Greg was one of the most constant pitchers, with impressive results throughout his 23 seasons.

He had an in depth understanding of the game and used his insight each time he pitched, having one of the best strikeout to walk ratios and great earned run average. Maddux got to know his opponents so well over his numerous seasons played at the highest level, that he had a counter for most of them. Not even Barry Bonds and Craig Biggio were particularly successful at hitting his pitches and Greg was never shy of challenging than instead of granting a walk.

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