Busy week in the MLB and beyond

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david ortizThe regular season is still two months away, but things are moving at blazing fast speed in major league baseball especially at the big clubs. The Red Sox need to make up their mind about what they’re going to do with David Ortiz in the next couple of years. His contract ends one year from now and the 38-year-old is looking for a multiyear offer and told the local CBC television station that he doesn’t rule out the possibility of leaving the team.

The reigning champions made full use of his services over the last decade and in 11 years he helped his team win three World Series. Reporters took notice of his intentions and are speculating about the time he plans on playing, with no estimation being available yet. Additionally information about the interview and the possible outcomes can be found at http://boston.cbslocal.com/2014/01/27/red-sox-ortiz-on-sports-final-hopefully-i-wont-have-to-wear-another-uniform/.

The prolific slugger would be definitely welcomed by most clubs in MLB, despite the fact that he is inching closer to 40 years old. He packs quite a punch and has both the experience and skills that many clubs need to make a successful and deep run in the playoffs, which means that the Red Sox need to take his announcement seriously. Ortiz told the media that he hopes that his club will make him a deal that he will gladly accept, as he would like to retire from Boston.

Not so long ago, similar words were uttered by Carlos Zambrano who played for Chicago Cubs, but things took an unexpected turn. The Venezuelan player was simply too flamboyant and sometimes downright aggressive and in absence of spectacular results he had no future with Chicago Cubs. Instead, he headed back home and now plays for Navegantes del Magallanes where he was the protagonist of an embarrassing incident.

He punched the opposing pitcher and three days later apologized for his gesture, which proves that even though Carlos changed his team his habits remained the same. Elsewhere in the MLB, Cincinnati Reds signed Chris Nelson to a minor-league contract, after he played for Colorado in 2012. He failed to meet the high expectations and was demoted, before finally leaving Colorado. The Rockies are now signing Paul Janish and he will be put to the test in the minor leagues, before having the chance of playing among the best players in North American baseball.

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