Baseball Betting

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Baseball is a sport that attracts a lot of attention from punters, especially in regions where baseball is a widely played sport, such as North America, parts of Central- and South America, and parts of South East Asia. Thanks to the advent of internet betting, it is today possible to place wagers on baseball even if you happen to reside in a country where baseball is not a commonly played sport.

Baseball often scare away hobby bettors used to sports such as soccer and hockey, since they perceive baseball as a complicated sport and dislike the lack of a conventional point spread at the sports betting venues that offer odds for baseball. If you want to bet on baseball, you need to start by learning how the run line works.

The run line combines point spread and money line in a convenient package, and it is actually not difficult at all to learn how to bet on baseball. The run line normally uses a constant spread of 1.5 runs, although you might find 2.5 runs used once in a blue moon.

Let us look at an example.

The Chicago White Sox are playing against the Cleveland Indians, and your bookmaker is offering the following regular money line odds:

Chicago White Sox +165
Cleveland Indians -180

This means that you need to risk $180 to have a chance of winning $100 if you bet on the Cleveland Indians, while you only have to risk $165 to possibly win $100 if you bet on the Chicago White Sox.

For betting with the run line, you will instead see something like this when you visit your bookie:

Chicago White Sox +1.5 -125
Cleveland Indians -1.5 +105

If you bet on the Chicago White Sox, you must risk $125 to have a chance of winning $100. The Chicago White Sox are however receiving 1.5 runs. Even if they lose the game by one run, you will get paid thanks to those 1.5 runs.

In order to find the best possible odds each time you wish to place a bet on baseball, it’s a good idea to have accounts with several bookmakers. The internet is filled with a long row of reputable bookmakers which makes it easy to use a lot of different bookies for your wagering. There are also comparison sites where you can compare the odds currently offered by various bookmakers for a specific bet. Using comparison sites can save you a lot of time an effort, but you might have to visit at least two or three to get a really good overview because they tend to feature a limited number of bookies only.

Before you sign up with any bookmaker and deposit any money it’s advisable to do an online search and visit a few gambler’s forum online to see if the sports betting site you’re interested in has a good reputation among online punters. Naturally, any bookmaker will have a few disgruntled former patrons, but if a specific sports betting site is racking up an unusually high degree of complaints and the complaints seem to have merit to them you probably want to avoid betting on baseball at that site.

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