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LA Dodgers outspend, but can they outplay all other teams?

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If you fancy long term wagers, then you are probably contemplating the possibility of backing the LA Dodgers to win the World Series in 2014. There are plenty of reasons for why punters would be inclined to place such a wager, but the leading argument is the fact that bookies regard them as favorites to win. Since the house rarely loses and the odds tend to reflect the value of individuals and teams alike, it is hard to dismiss the Dodgers as underdogs.

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Dodgers at Oakland AthleticsWhile it is obvious that Los Angeles is among the favorites to win the trophy, we should think things through, because the Dodgers won’t be able to buy a World Series victory. They have the biggest budget in club history and for the first time in many years they outspend the New York Yankees, but this is not enough. The New Yorkers had a commanding lead in terms of budget for many years in a row, yet they won a single World Series since 2001.

The competition is every bit as intense as ever, with St. Louis being a strong candidate and the bookies have picked up on the vibes. Unlike the Dodgers who tend to collapse during the playoffs, the Cardinals are more resilient and they could pose serious problems in the National League finals. It would also be a mistake to underestimate the Red Sox, who are the reigning champions or to completely ignore the Tigers

Detroit spent a lot of money as well and have some of the best starting pitchers in the league, including Justin Verlander. Granted one player is not enough to win the World Series, a handful of well-paid ones are no guarantee that the Dodgers will cruise to an easy victory either. The strongest reason for why Los Angeles is heavily favored by bookies is that they are very likely to win the division. The competition is weak and now that the Giants are struggling heavily, there are very few capable of stopping the Dodgers.

Another thing to factor in is pressure, because with so much money invested, manager Don Mattingly will have to deliver remarkable results just to meet expectations. In turn, players won’t have any room for error and whenever they commit a mistake there will be someone to exaggerate its impact. The bottom line is that the value is not with the Dodgers and if you insist on placing an ante-post wager, it would be better to take a chance with the LA Angels or Pittsburgh Pirates.

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