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MLB 2018 Predictions

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MLB 2018 Predictions see the Astros, the Red Sox, the Indians, the Dodgers, the Yankees, and the Cubs at the top.

Will putting a runner on the second base to start every inning change the game? While this is a fundamental change, the flow of the game may be ruined.

NL East Winners

The Nationals seem to be the favourites as the NL East does not have another team with a winning record. The Phillies are struggling to climb upwards, Atlanta seem to have missed their chance and Miami are at the bottom.

NL West Winners

The Dodgers seem to have everything set to win with well-prepared players on all fronts and covered in case of injuries. While Arizona and Colorado have what it takes to hit the runs, they cannot match the Dodgers. Even though the Giants are losing Bumgarner and Samardzija to the injured list, they may still get a wildcard spot.

NL Central

With new additions such as Yelich and Cain, Milwaukee may be placed in a good position yet the road is still paved for the Cubs to win as they have filled the biggest gaps with the bullpen acquisitions, Morrow and Cishek. Chances are they will make it to the World Series.

AL East and AL West Winners

The Yankees have added Stanton, placing them as a preferred favourite with a formation that looks like the great teams of the old. The Orioles have three central stars leaving them with few chances of scoring a great season.

The Angels, the Rangers and Seattle are no match for the Houston Astros.

AL Central

The Minnesota Twins seem to be on the rise and might scare the Indians with their hitting and pitching after the latter suffered a disappointing late-year blow last season.

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